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Army Wing BHS

  “Our first duty is that we must have faith in ourselves and then in God. He who has no faith in himself can never have faith in God.”

– Swami Vivekanand.

  The motto of the NCC is “UNITY AND DISCIPLINE”.

The NCC came into existence on the 16th of July 1948, through the NCC act XXXI of 1948, under the ministry of defence with the aims to develop character, comradeship, ideals of service and capacity for leadership in youth of the country, to stimulate interest in the defence of the country by providing service training to the youth, and to build up a reserve to enable the Armed Forces to expand rapidly during a National Emergency.

This year also saw the students making a beeline for the enrolement of NCC cadets in the Army wing for the junior wing and the senior wing. The training was conducted as per the direction of the commanding officer Lt. Col. R. Wahi and under the able guidance of our principal Mr. David A. Luke who himself was a NCC cadet in his youth and also a caretaker NCC Officer in BHS.

The enrolled strength of the junior wing and the senior wing was 50 cadets each. At the training session of the NCC cadets the PI staff was sent by the 15 UP Bn. NCC Battallion to conduct the training activities of the cadets in the presence of the NCC Officer, First Officer V. K. Yadav. The cadets were trained as per the scheduled programme. The training started from July 2011 and the cadets of the junior and senior wing excelled themselves in all the spheres of NCC activities. The training of the cadets and achievements of the troop would not have been possible but the commitment, dedication, sincere efforts and enthusiasm of our principal Mr. David A. Luke.

In the training schedule of the session 2011 our BHS NCC cadets of junior and senior wing also attended the literary, health awareness and traffic awareness camps organized in the month of November 2011. The traffic week rally was also organized by our cadets in Allahabad to create awareness among the people for the need to follow traffic rules for the own safety.

As a part of NCC training our 15 cadets took part in the CATC Camp (Combined Annual Training Camp) held at Phaphamau Airfield, Allahabad in which our cadets flourished and won prizes in the various competitions held during the said camp session period wef. 01 Oct. 2011 to 09 Oct. 2011. This year at the end of the training session our 13 cadets appeared for ‘B’ Certificate and 02 cadets appeared for ‘C’ Certificate exams held in the month of February 2012.

I am grateful to our principal Mr. David A. Luke, for the support and co-operation and also to the parents of our cadets for reposing their faith in us by allowing their children to join the NCC and take part in all the activities of NCC.

Finally Kudos and Good Luck to the NCC cadets for their outstanding performance.

May God Bless them all with joy and prosperity.

V. K. Yadav

First Officer

Troop Commander


 List of NCC Cadets who attended the Camp and NCC Exams are as follows:

 Cadet Jayant Singh

 Cadet Jay Srivastava

 L/Corporal. Shivam Mishra

 Corporal Aman Rai

 L/Corporal Himanshu Singh

 Cadet Apoorva Ranjan

 Cadet Shubham Gupta

 Cadet Rishikesh Singh

 Sgt. Ansh Ghosh

 Cadet Vikas Tiwari

 Cadet Ujwal Gupta

 SUD. Alex Charpota

 Cpl. Divyansh Upadhya

 Cdt. Risabh Gupta

2012. Boys' High School & College, Allahabad
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