Annual English Elocution Contest 2012-13


The middle section of Boys’ High School and College organized the eagerly-awaited Annual English Elocution competition on 5th February 2013. The budding elocutionists charmed the crowd of listeners with their carefully chosen poems from great Lauretes.

Their superb delivery was an archetype of hard work put in by the teachers and the orators did them proud by living up to their expectations, so much so, Mrs. C. B. Luke, one of the judges, could not help but praise the high caliber of the boys and of the dedication of those involved in grooming them. She was much impressed by Abdul Karim of 7C for his heart-touching diction on ‘Soldier’s life’ and she touchingly spoke of our Indian soldiers protecting our nation, while we soundly sleep in spite of thunder. A special prize was awarded to Abdul Karim for his performance.

The judges were Mrs. C. B. Luke, Mr. E. S. Egbert and Mr. A. Rodrigues.
The winners were as follows:

Class 6:
1.    Adnan Ali, 6B
2.    Vaibhav Singh, 6C
3.    Harsh Gaur, 6C
Class 7:
1.    Ryan Wesley, 7D
2.    KazimRaza, 7C
3.    AmarnathGanguly, 7B
Class 8:
1.    VaibhavKapoor, 8B
2.    Manish K Rai, 8C
3.    Pratyaksh K Srivastava, 8B
Class 9:
1.    ParthGoswami, 9G
2.    Neil Sarkar, 9G
3.    VarunLall, 9E

2012. Boys' High School & College, Allahabad
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