Library Report


Reading has always been the best companion of man. It has given him joys and pleasures of life, enriched his knowledge taken him into the past made him realize the present and has given him insight into the future.

Our library is a sanctum sanctorum, and it should rightly be so, as it is the power house of knowledge, and the greatest treasure of life.

Our school library is an evergreen tree of knowledge which blossoms throughout the year. The books are such a useful source of knowledge that any person can spend hours with them. Reading makes our minds strong and broadens our outlook. Reading also opens new horizon.

The strong impact of books on the young mind is strongly felt by our Principal Mr. David Luke and other members of the faculty.

Boys’ High School & College set up its library service on a large scale in 1988, on the first floor of the Middle School building. The spacious Library Hall gives a panoramic view of the school premises and can accommodate over fifty students at a time.

Besides books on subjects being taught in the school, different topics have been included keeping in mind the various reading tastes.

The maximum number of books available is from the curriculum section. Books of various disciplines of Science and Mathematics have found their place on the shelves. They also have weekly periods, which are eagerly awaited.

To our young aspirants for competitive examinations, reference books on Engineering, Medical Sciences, Technology, Business Management, Commerce, Accountancy, etc., to name a few, are all provided for.

The library subscribes to half a dozen leading English and Hindi newspapers, which pour in world news each day and periodicals, journals, weeklies are also catered to. Several encyclopedias and general information help in garnering interest amongst the students in usually boring subjects like geography. The main benefits to students is obtained by consulting these books for project assignments which are part of ICSE and ISC syllabi.

The latest attraction of our library is the audio visual aids as teaching medium. a wide spectrum of topics like Shakespeare’s plays, English classics and animated films have been encompassed. This exquisite effort is to yield sweet fruits in the near future.

It can be rightly said, “That books are a person’s best friend”, and they are all available at the BHS library.

G. Johnstone

2012. Boys' High School & College, Allahabad
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