Library Report


Undeniably, a man is influenced by the books he reads. Similarly the stature of the school library defines the caliber of the school to a great extent. It is indeed the backbone of any educational institution. A School Library is a fundamental ingredient in a student’s schooling curriculum. 

Our Principal, Mr. D Luke recognizes and identifies reading as a noteworthy skill that all students need to master, in order to be successful in life, which is why our school library continues to be an integral part of the school curriculum.

The library has about 4000 books on almost every topic within the universe. There are comic books for the younger folks, at the same time the library abounds in analytical works for the learned instructor. There are hundreds of books on Information Technology, considered as the back bone of any country while also not forgetting the books related to the mighty History of the World. The library provides far-reaching way in to classics both in Hindi and English. This gives the student an extensive opportunity to read the works of Shakespeare, Dickens, Doyle as well as the works of Indian Legends like Premchand under the same roof.

It is situated on the second floor of the school building, allowing it to be equidistant from every corner of the school. To allow active participation of the students in the school library the students from class VI to -XII have a separate library period every week. The library has an accommodation capacity of around  70-80 students and is well furnished with a number of windows and pathways for fresh air.

The School Library also assists the students to delve into relevant knowledge for their Class Projects. With the beginning of an audio visual section, now the students have more amenities at their disposal. It also has a compilation of the last 10 years’ papers of the public examinations conducted by the Council, besides having a set of the choicest class course books. The library is regularly analyzed by the principal, and the required fill ins are made.

During the last weekend of the month the library becomes a “Mini- Theatre” . The students are found laughing when shown cartoons, such as Tom and Jerry, or held spell bound when watching documentaries on Environment and others which help the students to discover new places and introducing them to strange and interesting people, they might never ever have the opportunity to visit or meet.

Besides the students, many teachers are seen reading the latest news in the daily newspapers that our library subscribes to or to the latest news magazines like India Today, the Week, Outlook, Time etc. Teachers also take the maximum advantage of importing information from some of the best encyclopedias, to help their students understand their subjects or topics better.

In conclusion, I would like to pay a tribute to the creativity and dedication of our School Principal who has a vision to take our school to greater heights and under whose committed analysis the School Library will continue to be equipped so as to take a leading role in helping students to quench their thirst for “KNOWLEDGE” and “MORE KNOWLEDGE”.

Ankit Mishra 12-A

Sarthak Chawla 11-A


2012. Boys' High School & College, Allahabad
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